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Over the past decade, we’ve made it possible for anyone to reap the rewards of collective buying.

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Who We Are

Based on the East Coast, USA Buying Group sources deals for a network of members across the world who earn credit card points, cashback rewards, commissions and more.

Our Mission

We’re here for you. Unlike other buying groups, USA Buying Group teaches our members how to accumulate points and leverage available platforms to maximize credit card earnings.

Let's join forces.

What's in it for us?

Infinite purchasing power.

We resell discounted merchandise like high-end electronics and trendy gadgets for a profit. Your legal purchase helps us skirt quantity limitations.

What’s in it for you?

Infinite rewards.

Buying for our group can help you earn hundreds of thousands of credit card points, hit credit card bonuses, earn commissions, and more.

How much profit does the average member make?

Using credit card best practices (which we share freely with all members), most members can expect to make about 2%-3% of what they spend via rewards, commissions, and more. Some of our members have earned as much as 5%.

How do I know that I’ll get paid/that my check won’t bounce?

Because we have buyers commit to items before purchasing, we prevent overstock and are able to pay all buyers on time. USA Buying Group has been a trustworthy partner to over 5,000 members since 2011. Watch our video testimonials

Are buying groups legal?

Yes. Just like maximizing credit card points is legal, purchasing product for a buying group is perfectly legal. You can read more about buying groups here: https://www.pointsprofessor.co/buying-groups-for-credit-card-points-reviews/

Where can I learn more about maximizing credit card points?

The USA Buying Group member network is a great place to learn more about credit card point maximization. Join our buying group (it’s free!) for resources, education, and more.

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Anyone can learn how to purchase for a buying group and get credit card rewards – but questions come up, and we’re here for you when they do.

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Whether you’re a points pro or new to the game, we offer the tutorials, support, and advice you need to help you grow.