Member Testimonials

Some of our success stories.

We asked our members to tell us how USA Buying Group changed their lives. This is what they had to say.


Haim Weitman

“Over a hundred of deals bought.”

I joined USA buying group about 4 years ago. It was extremely easy to learn how to use the platform, buy new deals, and request payments.


“Surprisingly easy to learn.”

Over this 4 years I’ve bought hundreds of deals for them, making it an easy way to accumulate credit card points and cash back.


“Quick customer service and reli able on time payments.”

They have a very good customer service, always replying to my inquiries very promptly, and making sure buyers are satisfied.


Albert Guendi

“I wouldn’t use anybody else.”

Before doing the buying group I wouldn’t know how to build up points. The buying group gives you a chance to build something special for yourself. They teach you how to buy and what deals are really deals. I wouldn’t use anybody else.


Charles Weber

“I've spent nearly a million dollars on my credit cards.”

I joined USA Buyers Group a little over 3 years ago and have successfully completed hundreds of deals and spent nearly a million dollars on my credit cards. My family and I love to travel and USA Buyers Group has been the easiest way for me to earn hundreds of thousands of points, giving us free flights/hotels, etc. making our vacations practically free.


“The process is straightforward and easy.”

I was able to earn Globalist status with Hyatt, Mosaic with JetBlue as well as Elite status with many Hotel chains, Car rentals, Airlines, etc. All because of credit card spending I do with USA Buying Group.


“easy way of earning credit card miles and/or points.”

They send me lists of items to buy, I purchase them, drop them off or ship direct to their warehouse and they pay me. It requires being organized and paying attention to detail but well worth the effort and reward. I highly recommend USA Buying group to friends and family as an easy way of earning credit card miles and/or points.


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